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What We Do

TechChange offers a world-class platform and supporting team to meet the training and convening goals of organizations and individuals in the digital age. With over 10 years of experience and feedback from over 500,000 users, our model is reliable, cost-effective, and one-of-a-kind.

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Why We're Different

Most online conferences and courses are isolating and unimaginative. We believe that every digital experience we create is a chance to build and foster community. And that adult learners are most engaged when they can connect with others.

"The platform allows us to push out a large volume of different languages to a distributed cohort.”

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“What I like about the platform is that learners drive it..."

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“[We] wanted...a people-friendly agency with non-profit expertise, which is hard to find.”

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Blended is Better

At TechChange we live by the the phrase, “blended is better.”  In our platform, we create blended trainings by combining elements of live learning (webinars & live chats) with aspects self paced learning (activities, final projects, & discussion forums) as well as merging the online and the offline (meetups & luncheons). We love to put a creative, blended spin on the pedagogical approaches and the activity approaches your organization uses.

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