Hybrid Events Playbook

Learn how to make your next event inclusive and awesome

Demystify hybrid event planning

Planning a conference or event in the social impact sector in addition to your “day job” running a program or department? Feeling a teensy bit overwhelmed? Yeah, we know the feeling!

That’s why we created this guide. We want to help program officers, team leads, and others who find themselves at the helm of planning an international development event. Think of this as a set of floaties for the deep end you just got thrown into!

Inside this guide you will learn:

  • What a best in-class hybrid event looks like, including a sample “Day in the Life” itinerary to walk you through the experience; and
  • How to understand your attendees’ motivations, pain-points, and goals– and cater to them with diverse session types and
  • Venue and technology considerations to make it all work.

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