Training of Trainers (ToT)

Co-design your ToT with TechChange to create lasting local impact

By investing in an effective ToT, you can boost the relevance, sustainability, and long-term impact of your programs. TechChange’s holistic, human-centered design approach ensures that trainers are equipped with the expert facilitation skills they need, now and for the future– while balancing the demands of standardization and localization.


Build a highly skilled cadre of trainers

When you work with TechChange to co-design your ToT, you will not only equip your trainers to transmit material effectively, but also help them to hone the competencies that crucial for dynamic training delivery, creating skilled trainers who are adept in adult learning pedagogy and interactive facilitation techniques.


Strike the right balance between standardization and localization

In a TechChange-supported ToT, trainers have the opportunity to learn consistent core content, methodologies, and best practices, which helps maintain quality and coherence in training outcomes, while also allowing for trainers to employ their own expertise and experience to localize material as appropriate.

Create confident, empowered trainers

Research shows that humans learn best by doing. TechChange ToTs provide opportunities for trainers to practice their newly acquired skills in a supportive environment.

Participants are actively engaged and have the chance to lead mock training sessions, receive feedback from peers and facilitators, and reflect on their learning experiences.

Our team of expert facilitators will share interactive facilitation and classroom management techniques that your trainers can directly apply to improve programming.

We also cover tips and tricks for online and hybrid course facilitation, such as those covered in our popular “How to Teach Online” course so that trainers are ready to deliver confidently through any methodology.


Ensure relevance for local trainers, and beneficiaries- at scale

TechChange utilizes human-centered design expertise to work with you to craft custom Training of Trainers (ToTs) tailored to the needs of international development programs and audiences, including consideration of digital literacy and language needs.

The newly trained trainers go forth and bring your curriculum to direct beneficiaries, helping your program to achieve scale while maintaining quality standards.


Create long-term support systems for trainers

Harnessing the TechChange Platform, we assist you in establishing follow-up support systems and training hubs, fostering continuous professional development and enhancement of trainers.

By providing ongoing opportunities for engagement and learning for your network of trainers, you contribute to the overall effectiveness and sustainability of training initiatives.

Take your training of trainers to the next level.

Our expert team can help you design a custom Training of Trainers based on your unique needs and goals.


  • Ideation Workshops
  • Facilitation and Training
  • Recruitment of Subject Matter Experts
  • Hands-on Management

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