What we do

We provide online professional development in technology and social change. Around the world, implementers in public health, emergency response, and monitoring and evaluation all struggle to solve pressing issues with limited resources. We connect them with relevant content, experts, and certification using our facilitated learning platform. Browse our past projects.

Why we do it

We believe technology training is as important as tool development. With increasing global connectivity, crises and response can emerge from anywhere. A technology-enabled individual or organization can play a vital role in saving and improving lives a long way away. Capturing and sharing that knowledge is key to future success. Check out our upcoming courses.

How it's done

Learning from one another is at the core of our philosophy. Our unique online social learning platform facilitates best practice sharing, builds professional networks, and integrates a number of dynamic features for both real-time and on-demand interaction. Learn more about our model

Who we serve

Our community knows that yesterday's technology won't always fit tomorrow's challenges. That's why our success isn't measured in the trainings we've conducted, but in what our alumni have done afterwards: Whether it's hosting a meetup, getting a job, or starting a new project. Share your own community success story!

Our Team

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Joel Whitaker

Senior Vice President and Head of Global Research
Frontier Strategy Group

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