TechChange is an industry-leading digital training and events firm

We have worked with over 300 organizations in the last ten years. Each partnership is unique but we always bring our ideas, collaborative spirit, and technological and design expertise to the table.

We are a social enterprise that believes in:


In a rapidly changing world, new skills are key to growth and survival. Technology unlocks new ways for people and organizations to learn.


No person is an island. We seek to build community in everything we do, from learning cohorts to virtual networking. We aim for our work to benefit communities at a larger scale.


We care deeply about the quality of our work and its ability to power your mission. With meticulous attention to detail, we are diligent about employing the science of learning and convening to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Training for social change

It’s a few years old, but listen to Nick Martin describe his unique, interactive model for online training for social change.
“In the field of international development, so many people need new skills.”

Our Team

Nick Martin

President and CEO

Alex Paone

Account Manager, Public Health

Alyssa Cawley

Senior Account Manager, Public Health

Amanda Jagus

Account Associate, Education

Amanda Pettenati

Full-Stack Developer

Ariel Frankel

Director of Public Health

Benjamin Seebaugh

Senior Program Manager, Events

Bethany Shackelford

Senior Account Manager, Education

Carly Smith

Account Associate, Education

Christopher Ford

Senior Director, Hybrid Events

Dana Sprole

Account Manager, Education

Devin Byker

Account Manager, Education

Emma Sakson

Director of Partnerships, Events

Hailey Nicholas

Senior Account Manager, Public Health

Hana Geadah

Project Assistant, Public Health

Jessica Swann

Director of Partnerships, Education

Joshua Antonson

Lead Developer

Katie Penland

Senior Program Manager, Events

Kayla McCoy

Program Coordinator, Events

Kristy Britt

Chief Financial Officer

Lindsey Burke

Head of People & Culture

Lisa Primeaux-Redmond

Junior Full Stack Developer

Marion Comi-Morog

Program Coordinator, Events

Morgan Meyer

Senior Account Manager, Education

Rebekah Bell

Principal Engineer

Samantha Remeika

Vice President, Partner Success & Delivery

Sheerin Vesin

Vice President of Business Development

William Chester

Chief Technology Officer

Yohan Perera

Creative Director

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