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TechChange’s platform is a uniquely engaging, highly scalable tool for convening and learning. Low-bandwidth friendly and accessible, it combines captivating features with powerful data and analytics. Our new multilingual capabilities will bring your content to anyone, in any language.



Same course, different languages

On the TechChange learning platform, you can upload all of your translations of courses within the same course environment, simplifying your workflow and enhancing accessibility for learners worldwide.




Eliminate language barriers between peers

Using our unique Babelfish technology, the TechChange learning platform will empower your learners to engage with the material, and each other, by reading and responding to chats in any language.



AI-powered translations

Translate a full course on the TechChange platform using our AI translation tools! Currently in beta, this feature will radically reduce the time, effort, and cost involved in making your training globally accessible.

Well-deserved shout-out to TechChange for their interactive platform! Of all the virtual conferences I've attended, this by far has been the easiest-- and the most enjoyable-- to navigate!

FHI 360

With the focus on community building, the TechChange platform is unlike any other."


Fully customizable, accessible, and secure

The TechChange Platform has been developed in-house, iterating with our partners over the last ten years. It’s been used for everything from empowering agricultural workers in East Africa to upskilling female leaders in Southeast Asia.

Each instance of the platform is white labeled to meet your branding needs. It’s also 508-compliant, built to be inclusive and accessible to all.

It’s low-bandwidth friendly too, automatically detecting the level of connectivity to serve content suiting the user’s bandwidth.

Security is also of utmost importance. We take many measures to protect data integrity, including encryption, Cloudflare protection, regular use of audit tools, private networks, compliance with GDPR, and more.

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