TechChange Featured in ITU’s “Boosting Digital Skills in Healthcare” Article


Following last month’s World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum 2021 panel on ‘Digital Skills for E-Health: Post COVID-19’ participated by Ariel Frankel, our very own Director of Public Health, TechChange was quoted by the official news publication of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), MyITU.

The MyITU article on ‘Boosting digital skills in healthcare‘ focuses on the WHO and ITU’s joint efforts in strengthening Digital Health Leadership training. TechChange partners with the WHO and ITU on the Digital Health: Planning National Systems course, which features critical technical concepts, existing best practices, and pragmatic methods, all framed according to the national planning cycle that Ministry of Health officials manage.

When it comes to online education in digital health, learning styles can differ from person to person, with varying levels of connectivity, skill sets and cultural contexts to consider.

Ariel Frankel, Director of Public Health, TechChange
Watch Ariel’s presentation at WSIS 2021

[TechChange] takes a human-centred approach to virtual learning, co-creating content with client communities and iterating constantly based on participant feedback.


The course was initially designed to be delivered entirely in-person, but due to COVID-19, is now being piloted and refined via virtual training. The course guides participants through a series of nine modules for developing a national approach to using digital tools for better health outcomes. Each module includes a mix of lectures and interactive activities encouraging participants to immediately apply technical concepts and planning methods.

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of key concepts and skills preparing participants for further, in-depth study on specific topics introduced in the course as well as utilize existing WHO and ITU planning toolkits.

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