Tech For M&E Alumni Highlight: Benjamin Flomo


Despite abruptly having to stop his university studies, Benjamin Flomo was able to find a career as an M&E professional after completing TechChange’s Technology for Monitoring and Evaluating Diploma Track in June 2017. Benjamin shared his experience with us below.

Q: How did you find out about TechChange?

I was studying Mining Engineering at the University of Liberia for about four years. Unfortunately things got difficult and I had to drop out of the college with no skill, degree, or experience.

I started to look for jobs to support myself and family, but it was difficult due to not having a degree. At the end of 2015 after the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, I decided to travel to the countryside to look for opportunities.

Fortunately, I got an Internship with IBIS Liberia as an Administrative Intern, and I started a newsletter for the Institution covering the program’s activities each month. Suddenly, their Monitoring and Evaluation Officer resigned in a very tight time and I was offered the post of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Communication Assistant. Due to my lack of technical experience in Monitoring and Evaluation, I looked for online courses that would build my experience and skill for the new profession.

I took almost three months searching for some good online courses until I found the Diploma for Technology for Monitoring and Evaluation with the Institute for Technology and Social Change (TechChange). I took a week or so to study the website and the content of materials (modules) that were designed for the entire Diploma Track Package. The modules were quite impressive, and I found that the lessons offered were what I needed to become a full Monitoring and Evaluation professional and more.

I got even more motivated from the blog and I made the decision to enroll after I contacted TechChange’s CEO Nick Martin and other TechChange staff. I started the Diploma Track in March 2017 and completed it in July 2017.

Thanks to TechChange, I am having to decide between two different opportunities presently. My present employer has decided to increase my salary and extend my contract because of a competing offer from Handicap International.

Q: How have you been able to use what you learned at TechChange in your work?

After completing the course, I got my first contract in August 2017 with Handicap International to conduct an assessment for an emergency project called RASP (Rehabilitation and Social Protection) as a data officer.

In December 2017, I worked as an M&E Consultant for a local NGO, WYCF (Wi Yone Child Foundation) to set up their M&E framework and database.

In February 2018, I started working with SOLTHIS (Therapeutic Solidarity and Initiatives for Health) as a data officer to conduct the baseline survey for the TB Speed Project and to develop a database for the ITPC (International Treatment Preparedness Coalition) – CTO (Community Treatment Observatory) Project for NETHIPS (Network of HIV Positives) Sierra Leone.

Thanks to TechChange, I am having to decide between two different opportunities presently. My present employer has decided to increase my salary and extend my contract because of a competing offer from Handicap International.

Q: How would you describe your TechChange journey?

I completed my secondary education in 2007 with the St. Christopher Catholic High School in Kakata City, Margibi County – Liberia with 6 credits, enrolled in 2010 into the University of Liberia becoming an Honor Student for two years but unfortunately left because of some financial issues. This left me without a degree, money, experience, and skill after four years of studies. On the other hand; I spent just five months with TechChange in a Diploma Program called Technology for Monitoring and Evaluation and I got everything and even more than what I expected. Today with the help of TechChange, I have built a career that I cannot even imagine. Presently, I am attending an international University; BlueCrest College of Technology – Sierra Leone studying up on software engineering while jobs are available to me. I am proud to say, “I am a M&E Professional with strong database development skills”. What are you waiting for… find yourself a career within international development today by joining the TechChange community.


TechChange’s M&E Diploma Track is back this July. Find out more here. Register now to reserve your seat in our fall cohort and be one step closer to taking your M&E career to the next level.

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