New Event Planning Resource: “How-to Hybrid” Guide


Hybrid events– where there are both in-person and virtual elements– are the new standard for inclusive, engaging conference experiences. This is doubly true for international development and social impact events, where participation of diverse voices is essential to realizing the mission and purpose of convening. Hosting a hybrid event opens doors to participation and leverages technology to bring the community you care about together. 

But how? TechChange has a new resource to help you understand and take full advantage of the hybrid evolution. Our Events team has created a new, free guide to help you plan your next event: the “what,” the “why,” and the “how” of hybrid events. 

What’s Inside

Whether you’re a full-time or no-time event planner (see what we did there? :)) with years of experience organizing international conferences or if this is literally your first rodeo, this guide is full of information and inspiration to help you plan your next amazing and impactful hybrid event.

This guide includes the following, all in our signature easy-to-digest visual style:

  • What a best in-class hybrid event looks like, including a sample “Day in the Life” itinerary to walk you through the experience; 
  • How to understand your attendees’ motivations, pain-points, and goals– and cater to them with diverse session types; 
  • Venue and technology considerations to make it all work; 
  • Common hybrid challenges, and how to overcome them;

And more. And we’re making it totally free to read! That’s how much we believe in this stuff.

Download the guide today and let us know how we can help you make your event awesome. 

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