What #CitizenScience and Tech Education Have in Common


On Wednesday, Nov. 20, we were proud to help facilitate the online engagement for a Wilson Center event on New Visions for Citizen Science. It was a perfect follow-up to the last time we visited for the Connecting Grassroots to Government for Disaster Management as well as the launch of an exciting new report we’re already circulating around the office.

For an organization such as ours, an event exploring technology to support public participation in scientific research was not only interesting, but directly relevant to our learning community. Which is why we were excited to not only be able to attend in person and share the livestream, but also to have the opportunity to ask questions from our classes during the event itself!

Our two courses currently in session (Mobile Phones for Public Health and Mapping for International Development) were able to tune in and ask multiple questions of the panel (check in the Q&A for what we asked) and get responses. Because the event organizers reached out to us in advance and emphasized including the online community as well as those in the room (which is our preference for live events), we were able to add the event to our curriculum and use it as an interactive learning experience for our students.

For that, we’d like to express our gratitude to the Wilson Center for not only convening an excellent conversation about citizens participating in scientific inquiry, but for using technology to expand that conversation to citizens around the world who can learn from these case studies.

Curious about what you missed? Check out our photo gallery and the video archive of the event below (or check it out on the Wilson Center website)




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