Celebrating ICT4D Lessons Learned with a Song: Fail Festival 2013

In Online Learning, There Are No Shortcut Keys

TechChange at Fail Fest 2013, Erik and Nick

Tonight, we’re having a blast celebrating lessons learned in ICT4D and international development at the 2013 Fail Festival in Washington, DC. Hosted by FHI360, and co-sponsored by Kurante, Plan International, and TechChange, we’re gathering over ignite talks, spoken word poetry, and song in the spirit of taking failure not so seriously.

Since TechChange was established in 2010, we’ve experimented with many different tech tools, platforms, products, and content; some of which that worked and others that didn’t. From continuing to recognize the importance of cultural and national contexts when applying technology worldwide, to testing hybrid learning models, we’ve strived to make online learning for social change better and better, and even wrote a song about it.

Check out a recording of the song:

And for the musicians out there, here are the lyrics with the guitar chords!

Curious about the other acts? Check out the photos we took at the event!


  • Luc Lapointe

    I am making this comment not knowing exactly what you are celebrating and I haven’t seen / heard all of the good presentations that took place at the Fail Fest….but here it goes:

    I am currently in South America working on financial effectiveness – I would be curious to see if you would be interested to take your show on the road and instead of doing this in DC…you could come here and have this same presentations made to people / communities that are still hoping that one day…things will be better..that they could have access to water and health…and education.

    Do you think that the event (Fail Fest) would be such a hit in this part of the world?

    I look forward to read more about all of the “failure” that were worth celebrating for….I think that timing could not be better after banks and investment firms have been “fine” for risking people’s money. I am sure the fine is small compare to all the money they made…maybe they are also having a “fail fest”!

    if you ever take your show on the road…but let’s try it in poor communities …or the “bottom of the pyramid”. I have asked a few and none knew that this how we call them!

    Saludos….Luc Lapointe

    PS – Would you be able to post all of the project that were celebrated and maybe a mapping as to where it was wasted!?