Animating a Holistic Digital Health Model


TechChange partnered with Tanzania’s Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children and PATH to create an animation that explains the holistic Data Use Partnership (DUP) model and how it is making it easier for health workers at the local, regional and national level to use data for decision making.

PATH’s mission to advance health equity through innovation and partnerships is seen in ) DUP, which is  improving the national healthcare system through better use of health information. 

The animation highlights the Tanzania government-led initiative that is digitally transforming the health system. The government, in partnership with PATH, is building strong, connected digital health systems that are improving healthcare management and delivery, leading to better health outcomes.

DUP is achieving sustainable digital transformation through:

  • Strengthening digital health and data policy: The Tanzanian Government identified a vision and priorities for digital health and created a national strategy to guide digital health implementation and management of health data.
  • Advancing digital health capacity: Tanzania’s health workforce is gaining new knowledge and skills for the management and use of digital health tools through new trainings, job aides and an e-learning platform.
  • Co-creating connected digital health systems: Health system stakeholders are working with software developers to design a suite of digital systems, tools, and standards that will improve healthcare quality and delivery, including a human resources for health system for managing the health workforce.
  • Coordinating digital health actors locally and globally: New platforms for collaboration, such as the Tanzania Health Digital Library and Technical Working Group Platform, are ensuring that everyone—from donors, to policymakers, to health workers—are aligned on the same goals and activities, helping to achieve more with fewer resources.

You can learn more about DUP here:

You can watch the animation here:

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