Introducing the New Digital Principles GIFs!

Principles and CC Frame


When our team partnered with the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) to build the animation for the Principles for Digital Development we didn’t just want to explain these nine living guidelines for digital development practitioners, we also wanted to expand the Principles animation into the visual vocabulary of GIFs by creating simple, looping GIFs that could easily be plugged into social media, websites, or any other needs. In particular, we were wowed by how @DIAL_community was able to bring their posts to life and wanted to make sure other organizations could do so.

In addition to making the GIFs below available, we also wanted to someday have them appear in GIF keyboards on Facebook, as well as be easily usable for Instagram and other social media formats. So we uploaded all the GIFs to Giphy in the TechChange Channel, where anyone can update the tags and quickly export / share the GIF for whatever their use case.

Full size GIFs (and link to the Giphy source) below!

Design with the User  ( - Design with User


Understand the Existing Ecosystem ( - Understand Ecosystem


Design for Scale ( - Design for Scale


Build for Sustainability (


Be Data Driven ( - Be Data Driven


Use Open Standards, Open Data, Open Source, and Open Innovation ( - Open Standards


Reuse and Improve (

Address Privacy & Security ( - Address Privacy and Security


Be Collaborative ( - Be Collaborative


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