TechChange goes Green with Clean Energy from Arcadia Power


We are proud to announce that TechChange now runs on 100% pollution-free electricity as a Arcadia Power Clean Energy Partner. With our partnership with Arcadia Power Clean Energy, TechChange now meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Power Partnership requirements, joining businesses like Whole Foods and Google who also run on clean energy.

As a registered Certified B Corps social enterprise, our focus as a company goes beyond just creating a market-driven, financially sustainable business, but also trying to make a positive impact on the world. Since 2012, being a ‘triple bottom line’ business that measures its success in terms of “people, planet, and profit” has been an important part of what guides our business that has reached over 2500 alumni in over 100 countries to date. Every day, we’re inspired by how our community is using technology and skills training to address some of the world’s biggest challenges such as mitigating climate change, containing emerging infectious diseases like Ebola, promoting peace in conflict zones around the world, rebuilding communities struck by natural disasters, and more.

Today, we’re excited to share how we’re doing our small part to impact the environment with our partnership with Arcadia Power. While most of us at TechChange walk or bike to work, we saw an opportunity to further reduce our carbon footprint by supporting local wind and solar projects through a national clean energy provider. In doing so, we are helping to reduce America’s dependence on fossil fuels and support renewable power and local green jobs.

As a fellow B Corps business, Arcadia Power couldn’t have been a better partner to help us make this transition. And we are happy to learn that the feeling is mutual.

We’re excited to be partnering with a company that truly exemplifies the responsible practices we all want from businesses in our communities,” said Arcadia Power co-founder, Ryan Nesbitt. “As a fellow Certified B Corps, TechChange adheres to the highest social and environmental standards, and choosing clean energy is a great step in reducing their impact and doing their part to combat climate change.”

Have any ideas about how we could further reduce our carbon footprint? What are some of the ways your business is going green? Tweet us @TechChange or let us know in the comments.

About Arcadia Power
Arcadia Power is the first nationwide Clean Energy option. By partnering with wind and solar projects, Arcadia Power provides homes and businesses with 100% pollution-free energy via local utilities. Members support their values through their monthly energy bills, decreasing demand for fossil fuels and helping to grow American green jobs and power. Arcadia Power partners with sustainability-minded companies and organizations to combat climate change and secure a better future for our planet.

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