The Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center (A&PI Wellness Center) partnered with TechChange to develop a two-part training course designed for clinical and non-clinical providers to provide HIV education in California. Learn more about it here.

After a summer at TechChange, it’s time for Sean Bae to start his first year at University of Maryland-College Park this fall. Before heading to College Park, he reflects on his time at TechChange as a Software Engineer – Analytics Intern where he worked on D3 data visualization projects to make online learning interactive.

Online learning for international development is heating up. As educational technology companies raised half a billion dollars in Q1 of 2014, USAID is already exploring how to incorporate new technology with proven development methodology. New attempts to bridge these worlds have given rise to the Global Development Lab, a new entity within USAID seeks to apply science, technology, innovation, and partnerships to extend …

We are very excited to welcome more participants of the TechGirls program to TechChange’s DC office tomorrow to experience what it’s like to work at a fast-paced edtech social enterprise.

Surveys are the most common tools for carrying out these evaluations, but most of the time they result in stacks of papers that need to be keyed into a computer, introducing errors and wasting valuable time. In the Mobiles for International Development class, we saw a physical example of this where a pickup truck was loaded with stacks of questionnaires.

The gatekeepers of gaming are suddenly in the middle of Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In the past few days, Google Play has removed several games relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, claiming that they violate Developer Program Policies. In one example, the “Bomb Gaza” game [Pictured] was removed following a social media backlash against a game that appeared to reward dropping bombs …

As we were wrapping up a live course event with MAMA (the Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action) yesterday, we learned the exciting news: Facebook announced that MAMA has been included in the app, along with other important women’s rights resources such as WRAPP (Women’s Rights App), and Facts For Life by UNICEF. Starting with Airtel subscribers …

When we last featured TC309: mHealth alumna, Lauren Bailey, on the TechChange blog, we shared her mHealth final project on the potential of WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) in using mobiles for public health. Since then, Lauren has landed a position at International Medical Corps as a Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant, where she works with colleagues who are also TechChange mHealth alumni.

When learning about TextIt and using it in the TechChange Mobiles for International Development class, Yael Shapira saw TextIt as a solution for technology access within international development. Learn more about what she learned in the course here.