Training Health Workers for Ebola: Series Two




The Ebola crisis and its aftermath continue to challenge health workers and health systems in West Africa. These webinars will focus on tools and strategies that health workers, as well as the governments and organizations that support them, can use to protect their communities and begin to rebuild health systems.

The webinar series has been made possible by the generous support from the USAID-supported Health Communication Capacity Collaborative, and is offered free of charge by mPowering Frontline Health Workers, IntraHealth, and EbolaAlert. Click the links below to register for each webinar in the series.

April 1 – Working with Youth, Volunteers, and Vulnerable Populations

April 8 – Community Mobilization and Preparedness Planning

April 15 – Effective Use of Data

“Training Health Workers for Ebola: Series One” concluded in October 2014. Click here to view the recordings of each webinar in the first series.