Announcing the Scholarship Winners to Mobile Phones for Public Health!


The Winners: Susanna J Smith and My Nigeria Hospitals

We are excited to announce that My Nigeria Hospitals (@mynig_hospitals) and Susanna J Smith (@SusannaJSmith) are our winners for one free seat apiece in the upcoming course on Mobile Phones for Public Health (starts November 12!).

@ trainning just be fully interactive, to yield a positive result on participants
My Nigeria Hospitals
Phones&health are personal. #mHealth offers new possibilities for patient engagement & empowerment &ways to reach hard-to-reach pops. #tc309


Background on mHealth Twitter Chat

On October 12 at 1:00pm, TechChange hosted an mHealth Twitter Chat with the mHealth Alliance in preparation for our upcoming online certificate course on Mobile Phones for Public Health. In addition to soliciting feedback on our proposed syllabus and speakers, we were looking to award two free seats to individuals participating in the chat that would not otherwise have had access to the course.

In total, we had 44 participants exchange over 279 tweets during the one-hour chat. We’ve archived the discussion in our curated Storify of key contributions, questions, and links. If you want to dive deeper, check out the full Tweet Archive or search for hashtag #TC309.


Key Contributions by Tweeters

While in no way exhaustive, three key themes emerged through the constraints of 140-character contributions:

  • Engage telecommunications companies throughout the course, not just medical professionals who employ mobile-enabled strategies.
  • Explore sustainable business models for mHealth projects and organizations. Don’t just do a one-off project for the sake of doing it.
  • Understand the link between big data and mHealth. The challenges of mobile-enabled medicine are intertwined with managing information.

Thanks @ Mobile Midwife Initiative to fight staff shortages great #mhealth video #tc309
Sherry Reynolds
@ if I win a ticket, I'll be there!! 🙂 Read the syllabus and speaker bios. Def a great opportunity to learn about mHealth #tc309
Reem Ghoneim

Winner Selection Methodology

Choosing winners at random was more complicated than we had initially anticipated. Do you select by number of Tweets or by user? Do you bias towards number of contributions or value of contribution (# of RTs)? etc. In the end, we decided was to select a random user weighted by number of tweets, but we’re open to suggestions about improved methodology for future scholarship competitions.

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