The SXSW Interactive conference, held in Austin Texas, is five days of undeniably awesome presentations from the brightest minds about up-and-coming technology. There are also numerous networking events hosted by industry leaders, and special programming to showcase innovative ideas that the international community has to offer.​

Members of the TechChange team have an opportunity to participate in this great event. As panelists, Nick and Caitlin will collaborate with a developer and a journalist to discuss the potential impacts of social media use in conflict situations.

Are You There Social Media? It’s Me Conflict, will look at social media’s effect on a world in conflict, and will explore what it means to pair embargoes and blogs, corruption and SIM cards, and the importance of knowing how conflict-related trending topics are replaced by Michael Jackson and Lindsay Lohan.

With over 2000 submissions for 500 spots, the competition is intense. Social media is a popular topic of discussion at SXSWi, however rarely do conversations deviate from business application to social change. This is a gap that we are excited to fill. With your vote we will be able to add a unique voice to the conference while also being able to learn about the future from industry leaders.

To vote for the panel and to read more about Are You There Social Media? It’s Me Conflict, click here.​​​

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