Training Health Workers for Ebola: Series One

mPowering   IntraHealth

The Ebola crisis has impacted some of the most vulnerable areas of the world, and frontline health workers are struggling to keep pace with the outbreak. The “Training Health Workers for Ebola” series consists of four webinars, and aims to provide health workers with the clear, reliable, and timely information they need to protect themselves, detect the disease, and respond.

This webinar series is offered free of charge by mPowering Frontline Health Workers and IntraHealth.

The “Training Health Workers for Ebola” webinar series has concluded. You can now view recordings of each webinar in the series by clicking on the links below.

October 21 – Webinar 1: Learning and information needs for frontline health workers

October 23 – Webinar 2: Health system support for frontline health workers

October 28 – Webinar 3: Community mobilization and interactions with clients

October 30 – Webinar 4: Data to support effective response and case management