Digital Government Videos

Microlearning modules featuring local case studies

TechChange worked with DAI and USAID to create a series of video-based microlearning tools to illustrate the USAID Digital Government model, including profiling USAID-supported initiatives in a variety of countries to support a global narrative of good practices and progress

About the Client

The United States Agency for International Development is the world’s premier international development agency and a catalytic actor driving development results. Their Digital Strategy is the Agency-wide vision for development and humanitarian assistance in the world’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI) helps USAID to implement the strategy via the Digital Frontiers funding mechanism. TechChange partnered with USAID and DAI to write, produce, and create this video-based microlearning series.

Defining the Solution

USAID’s Digital Government initiative helps governments use digital tools
responsibly for management, service delivery, and stakeholder engagement. USAID and implementing partner DAI wanted to produce a series of microlearning tools to support USAID personnel and partner country staff to have the knowledge and skills to design and manage digital government projects. TechChange set out to develop a series of short videos to showcase foundational information about digital government and good practices for implementation.

TechChange helped DAI and USAID to tell a compelling story with innovative content that showcased complicated subject matter for a variety of audiences. Their team pulled together resources, b-roll, photos, and created beautiful animations that were put together seamlessly to tell a story.”

Connor Mackenzie, DAI

TechChange’s Role: Educational Storytellers and Video Producers

Digital Government is a multi-faceted and rapidly changing area within the field of digital development that can be difficult to articulate in a cohesive manner. TechChange specializes in educational storytelling to illustrate complex topics in a way that is engaging and easily understood by diverse audiences.

To begin, TechChange worked with USAID, DAI, and specialized subject matter experts via an Ideation Workshop to identify the foundational principles of digital government, along with good practices to aid successful implementation. Our team crafted scripts and developed carefully plotted storyboards to illustrate the concepts and bring the stories to life, working hand-in-hand with key stakeholders throughout the entire process to ensure adherence to Agency goals and objectives. Our top-notch video production team filmed multiple interviews in our full-service Washington D.C. studio as well as on-site at USAID. This interview footage was interwoven with b-roll footage, custom graphics, and dozens of TechChange’s signature animations to create the video-based learning series.

Five video-based microlearning modules produced and refined through iteration
Six in-studio video interviews recorded
One internal pilot with Digital Development leadership
Six projects showcased that served millions of citizens

TechChange produced five video-based microlearning modules on Digital Government, each approximately five minutes long in order to capture the attention span of today’s learner. The videos may be viewed on their own as a stand-alone learning tool, or as part of a comprehensive series, including:

Module 1: Digital Government: Understanding Key Components. Digital government projects in Nigeria, Kenya, and North Macedonia are featured to demonstrate the key components outlined in the videos.


Module 2: Digital Government: Mitigating Risk. A variety of dangerous, hypothetical scenarios are employed to illustrate key risks of digital government projects.


Module 3: Digital Government: Project Implementation. This video highlights an electronic payments system in the Philippines.


Module 4: Digital Government: Governance and Sustainability. An e-procurement and online services model in Ukraine illustrates these principles.


Module 5: Digital Government: Inclusion and Trust. This video showcases the inclusive design process of a municipal app in Guatemala.

A Dynamic Training Aid

The Digital Government video-based microlearning series embodies the benefits of the medium: video has a plurality of uses, and is customizable and modular for different audiences and platforms. DAI and USAID will use these videos in a number of ways, including: sharing on YouTube for the development community and anyone interested in the topic and posting as SCORM modules on USAID’s internal learning management system (USAID University) as a training course for mission and headquarters staff. The videos and the connected training resources will also be used for a training program for Mission staff desiring a deep dive on the topic and its application to their work in-country.


While still early in its implementation, the Digital Government video-based learning series has enabled two key results: 1) The series has helped USAID to capture good practices and highlight successful local projects in a succinct, visually-compelling, easily-digestible format that is highly shareable; 2) The modules set USAID up for success in the rapid onboarding and upskilling of both Mission and HQ staff in this critical area of USAID’s Digital Strategy.

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