Two weeks ago I participated in a “Technology and Peacebuilding” course taught by TechChange, at the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR), George Mason University. As a graduate student I am always looking for practical, hands on courses to contribute to my skill set. The course provided background on a variety of tech tools used in conflict or disaster settings; we also used some of these tools in class through simulations. The simulations gave me an introduction to using the tools, in a fun and innovative way, while reminding me to proceed with caution when using technology, especially in conflict or disaster settings. One tool we learned about and applied was Frontline SMS, and through our simulations I experienced being on both the sending and receiving ends of this tool. Frontline SMS allows for two way communication between an organization, which has the Frontline SMS program on their computer, and individual cell phone users who give their phone number to the organization. With this tool, an organization can send and receive text messages to and from a large number of individuals. (more…)