Dispatch from the GDHF Nigeria Watch Party

Panelists and Participants in front of the GDHF Signage

By Otse Ogorry, Evans Ondura, Samuel Atanda, and Olo Okoye

The Global Digital Health Forum is a global hybrid event that convenes thought leaders, experts, and enthusiasts from around the world to explore the intersection of technology and public health. One key element of GDHF is local “watch parties,” including the GDHF Nigeria Watch Party, hosted by the Palladium Group, in collaboration with the Health Strategy Delivery Foundation, on December 5th, 2023 at the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Centre in Abuja. 

Elements of the GDHF Nigeria Watch Party 

  • Virtual participation in live panel discussions from Washington DC, with interactive questions and answers.  
  • Hybrid plenary session on digital-first approaches, streamed to audiences in both Washington DC and virtually.  
  • A panel discussion with senior Nigerian Ministry of Health officials, private sector representatives, and civil society, addressing digital health investments in the country, also streamed to virtual audiences world-wide. 
  • Pop-up studio interviews with attendees. 
  • Networking and side meetings to spur collaboration.

Nearly 50 attendees helped to make the Nigeria Watch Party a dynamic and engaging experience. Stakeholders from Nigeria’s public and private health sector engaged in dynamic discussions across various sessions, generating ideas and significant strategies for action.

Cross section of Panelists and Attendees

Nigerian Watch Party Sessions and Insights 

In an era where digital innovation is reshaping industries globally, there is a widely recognized need for digital health investments in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation. In “The Future of Digital Investment Coordination,” industry experts emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in mobilizing resources and coordinating digital health investments effectively. Insights centered on the necessity of strategic partnerships and innovative financing mechanisms to maximize the impact of digital health interventions in Nigeria.

The Plenary session, “Digital-First Approaches to Health in Nigeria,” underscored the transformative potential of prioritizing digital technologies in healthcare delivery. Participants explored the role of digital-first strategies in enhancing access to quality healthcare services, strengthening health systems, and driving efficiencies across the continuum of care. The session illuminated pathways for leveraging technology to overcome barriers and accelerate progress towards universal health coverage in Nigeria.

Participants listening intently

In “Charting the Future: Driving Digital Health Investments in Nigeria“, stakeholders deliberated strategies to unlock investment opportunities and foster an enabling environment for digital health innovation. Discussions revolved around regulatory frameworks, policy incentives, and public-private partnerships to incentivize investment and stimulate innovation in the digital health ecosystem. Participants emphasized the need for targeted interventions to address gaps in infrastructure, capacity-building, and data governance to realize the full potential of digital health in Nigeria.

As organizers, hosting the GDHF Watch Party in Abuja was an enriching experience, offering a platform to amplify the dialogue on digital health investments within the Nigerian context. As organizers, it was encouraging to feel the palpable fervor and commitment of participants to advance the digital health agenda. The exchange of ideas sparked lively debates, formed new partnerships, and inspired creative thinking on leveraging digital technologies to improve health outcomes.

What does the future hold?

We are confident that the momentum, insights, and deeper relationships generated by the Nigerian Watch Party will contribute to a healthier, more equitable future for our country. We are grateful to the GDHF organizers, HSDF, Palladium, and the TechChange team for their contributions, and look forward to hosting more collaborative events in the future. Together, we will continue to drive innovation, investment, and collaboration to realize the transformative potential of digital health in shaping the future of healthcare in Africa and beyond, including at GDHF 2024 in Kenya.

Panelists at GDHF Nigeria Watch Party

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