GDHF Participant Engagement Contests are LIVE!


Calling all GDHF 2023 participants: Engage, Share, WIN with the #GDHF2023Challenge!

As the anticipation for this year’s Global Digital Health Forum reaches its peak, we are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking opportunity for our top digital health enthusiasts: the #GDHF2023Challenge!

What is the #GDHF2023Challenge?

Your unique perspective contributes to a global exchange of knowledge at the Global Digital Health Forum, and we want to celebrate it! Over the next 3 days, immerse yourself in 250+ high impact panels, workshops, discussions, and networking opportunities. Share your insights, key takeaways, and aha moments with other attendees and amplify them on social media. We will be rewarding our most engaged GDHF participants on the platform and on LinkedIn with FREE tickets to next year’s event!

Why Participate?

  • Connect and Collaborate: Engage with like-minded individuals, forge new connections, and become a part of the global digital health community.
  • Shape the Digital Health Conversation: Your perspective matters! Share it with a global audience passionate about digital health and contribute to the future of digital health innovation.
  • Secure your spot for GDHF 2024: Top engagers will WIN a FREE ticket to next year’s Forum!

How to Participate:

  • Engage on the GDHF 2023 event platform
  • Platform engagement will be defined as the number of TechPoints earned on the platform at the time of the Forum’s closing on Wednesday, December 6.
  • Join virtual sessions, share comments in discussion threads, watch recordings, and connect with other attendees on to earn TechPoints!
  • The 3 individuals with the highest number of TechPoints by the Forum’s closing will receive a FREE ticket to GDHF 2024!

Amplify the GDHF conversation on LinkedIn

  • Be among the top 3 to post use the #GDHF2023 hashtag and tag @TechChange on LinkedIn to WIN a FREE ticket to GDHF 2024!
  • Posts can be your own original content or reshares
  • Please be sure to get permission if you are sharing photos of others

Keep in mind:

  • You must be attending GDHF 2023 virtually or in person to participate
  • Ticket prize is a conference pass – either virtual or in person, depending on your preference. No travel costs or other financial support is available.
  • Winners will be announced at the closing event and on TechChange social media.

Let the #GDHF2023 Challenge Begin! Let’s amplify the impact of digital health conversations taking place at GDHF 2023 over the next 3 days. Join the conversation to help shape the future of digital health!

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