Interning with TechChange from Afar


By:  Shenal Kotuwewatta

This January, I worked at TechChange as a micro-intern in the tech team. It was a wonderful experience, and I learned a lot from my work during the micro-internship. I also had a blast getting to know the amazing people who work at TechChange and learning about TechChange’s mission of driving social change. I was located in my home country Sri Lanka for the entirety of the micro-internship, but the team made sure that I had no trouble working remotely across time zones.

True to its mission, I found TechChange to be a very human-centered company. This was apparent from my first interaction with TechChange when I underwent a unique interview process that focused less on memorizing technical details and more on looking at the big picture. As someone who has gone through many traditional algorithm-based tech interviews, I found this to be refreshing and was immediately drawn towards TechChange.

Once at TechChange, I was able to quickly ramp up on its tech stack and get started on my project, which was to implement a “message reaction” system (similar to those on Facebook/Slack) for TechChange’s chat application. The tech team members always helped me whenever I needed it, be it for diagnosing a bug or reviewing my code. I was able to get a lot of work done over the four weeks of the micro-internship. I also attended a company-wide sprint demo where I presented my design documentation for the project and received valuable, positive feedback from teams across the company.

Overall, I feel my time at TechChange was productive and educational, and I’m excited to see what TechChange has in stock for the future!

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