Our next event is coming up! And we wanted to share notes on how we’re trying to standardize the ICT4Drinks format for 2019.

What is ICT4Drinks?

This is a monthly happy hour sponsored by TechChange and, often, another organization in the development, tech, or public health industry.

Why are we doing this?

To provide an informal environment for nerds, do-gooders, and nonprofit types to socialize, share projects, and stay up to date.

What’s the format for an event?

A typical ICT4Drinks starts at 5:30pm in DC. We’ll give you a free drink ticket when you show up and register with our team, and then around 6:30pm the sponsors will give a light announcement.

Wait, are there any long speeches?

No. We abide by a hard 5 minute cap for event partners. Generally this is so you know who they are (and can go say hi in person!) and what they’re working on that might be of interest.

Why do you need me to register my email?

We have a variety of event organizing formats, but email is still the primary means. It helps us keep in touch with you for future events and maintain a high-quality networking event.

Are you going to send me unsolicited, irrelevant emails?

No. Only ICT4Drinks event announcements and follow-up will be distributed. Sometimes we may add promotional material to event emails , but will not do any stand-alone email campaigns on anything other than events.

Does anyone else get my information?

When we do an event with our partners, we share a full list of attendees and their emails with them. They may send one, single email to those who attend, asking if they would like to join a separate mailing list. But they may NOT add you to another mailing list without your consent. We see this as a way of using the event as a catalyst for other organizations to build their own communities.

What’s with the pictures?

We like to take pictures at events that show the warm, welcoming environment that we’re trying to create. If you are ever in a picture and don’t want to be, let us know! We’ll make sure it’s removed right away.

What if I want to partner or host my own ICT4Drinks?

Please do! They typical event cost is $300 per partner and we are happy to share the mailing list for approved partner events. The main requirement is that you stick to the format described above in order to be considered an approved event. Email info@techchange.org if you’re interested in hosting with us!