TechChange Launches OES Animation at Innovation Week!

USAID OES Screenshot

Earlier this month, Global Innovation Week 2017 convened development professionals from all over the world right here in Washington, D.C. to explore how the best ideas, innovations, and technologies are changing the way the U.S. Government, business and philanthropy work together. One key focus is how practitioners and social entrepreneurs and innovators can strengthen the evidence focus of their work, and facilitate awareness of these resources for collaboration.

Central to this discussion is the Office of Evaluation Sciences, who just launched a TechChange animation to explain how their evidence-based approach in collaboration with USAID is changing international development through the application of research insights about how people access, process, and act on information. For example, in Mozambique, a simple text reminded people living with HIV to take their medicine and go to the clinic. Patients who received the text were 25% more likely to stay on treatment – improving their chance to live long, healthy lives. A text is small, but its public health impact could be huge.

You can watch the OES and USAID video here, or in the embedded video below.

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