Two Fantastic TEDx Talks about the Future of Education


Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of talented educators from all corners of the world. Two in particular who have had a tremendous impact on my life and approach to education at TechChange are Daryn Cambridge and Mohit Mukherjee.

Take a few minutes and watch both of their talks below. You’ll be glad you did!

Mohit and I met in the cafeteria line at the University for Peace back in 2005 while I was a student there and he was working for an organization on campus called the Earth Charter. I’ve been proud to call him a colleague and a friend ever since. I’ve taken many of his workshops through his center on topics like nonprofit leadership, social entrepreneurship, and education for the 21st century – they were all extremely useful and had tremendous impact helping to shape our approach at TechChange.

Watch his amazing TEDx talk below on Educating ChangeMakers.

Daryn and I met as he was finishing his Masters at AU and I was running an organization called DCPEACE, prior to TechChange. DCPEACE was a practical and comprehensive peace education program for elementary school students in Washington DC. He ran a series of teacher trainings for the program and worked as a teacher mentor. Over the years he and I have taught courses together, collaborated on various online learning activities, and more. He’s one of the brightest minds working in peace education today. Daryn currently works at the US Institute of Peace. Check out his phenomenal TEDx Talk below on Teaching and Learning Peace Online.

Thanks to Daryn and Mohit for sharing their thoughts on education via TEDx. We’re proud to work with you both!

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