Facebook vs. USAID: Who Visualized JFK Better?

JFK speaking at American University

Yesterday, Facebook and six phone companies announced the launch of internet.org to bring affordable Internet access to the five billion people without it. Reactions from our network have ranged from outright enthusiasm to skepticism about Zuckerberg’s selfish gift.

Rather than exploring the impact of this project on the future of public-private partnerships, how this effort will compete with Google’s project loon, or how universal online access will transform education, we wanted to ask the truly important question:

Who visualized JFK’s 1963 American University Speech better?

The commencement address, titled “A Strategy of Peace,” is regarded as one of the President’s finest and addresses key themes of transforming aspirations into realities. Take a look below, but be sure to check out the original speech.

What do you think?


Internet.org: Every one of us. #ConnectTheWorld 


USAID: Marking 50 years of Progress

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