Platform Design Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in our TechChange learning platform! Before beginning with your 90-day free trial, we’ll need a few things from you to ensure the best e-learning experience. Below are a few questions to help us get started on your new learning platform and incorporate your organization’s branding. The more information we receive, the better we will be able to customize a platform that matches your needs.
  • Your Information

  • Please provide your first and last name.
  • Design Questionnaire

  • Examples: fellowship programs, internal staff trainings, international beneficiary/stakeholder trainings, continuing medical education training, professional development, compliance/certification courses, workshop replacements, sector specific content, etc.
  • This will help us get an understanding of how many active monthly users you might have.
  • Demographics of your learning community.
  • We host all platforms as a subdomain under the top level domain of This will host all of the different courses you may offer. Example domains include:,, and Please note that the subdomain cannot change after creation.
  • This should reflect the purpose of your platform, such as “Healthcare Coaching Institute”. Please note that this is distinct from the title of an individual course.
  • To white label the platform, we prefer to work with an established style guide. If you don't have one, we can base it off of a website or other entity. The style guide should include your organization’s logo, colors, fonts, etc.
    This will help us give you a base for your platform, however, you can add and remove pages as you’d like.
  • Please specify their first and last name.
  • Please provide an approximate date.