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  • Teddy


  • Livia Ciabati


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    @All, feel free to ask questions in this space. We will make sure to pass them on to the presenters.

  • Hi – Joining from South Africa

  • Leixa T Molina

    Joining from Puerto Rico! Is this also on as a Google Hangout?

  • TechChange

    @Leixa, @Helen, @Livia, @Teddy, welcome! Glad you could join us today.

  • Leixa T Molina

    Providing timely access to reliable health information to women that don’t have access to web, smartphones, etc.

    • Hallie Goertz

      Thanks, Leixa!

  • Cape Town, South Africa

  • TechChange

    @Leixa, we are using Google Hangouts to broadcast, but are not allowing viewers to join the hangout directly due to the size of the audience.

  • Livia Ciabati

    Portugues – br

  • suraj subramaniyan

    two languages

  • 6 – 11

  • Leixa T Molina

    Languages: Spanish (in Puerto Rico)

  • There are 11 official languages in SA

  • Hira

    4 to 5

  • Leixa T Molina

    over 5000 people, but not daily messages

  • suraj subramaniyan

    will these messages reach who have opted “Do not Disturb”

    • Hallie

      Suraj – I’ll forward your question to Brian so he can address it during our Q&A. Thanks!

  • suraj subramaniyan

    I want to improve
    1. timely patient follow up
    2.provide future appointment dates

  • suraj subramaniyan

    Suraj, India
    What is the percentage of successful delivery of messages , when more than 1000 messages sent across to the beneficiaries?

  • Duncan Spencer

    How would having multiple telecom networks increase the complexity? Do subscribers ever incur a cost for receiving or sending messages?

  • Kristy

    Do you have any existing research specifically about women’s access to mobile phones?

  • Are there any privacy considerations that we should think about?

  • suraj subramaniyan

    Suraj, India
    does these messages or information passed on to the beneficiaries be approved by ethics committee?

  • Petronella

    Petronella, SA

    we having 11 language in SA.

    do we have to use all languages or can we use only the common languages.

    how do you use the correct vendor.

  • TechChange

    @All, you can download the toolkit used during Brian’s presentation by going to the MAMA Tools and Resources page using the link below. The toolkit is the 2nd resource:

  • Nathaly

    Thank you! Great presentation and resources!


  • When monitoring and evaluations are done on projects, should these always be published in peer reviewed journals to be acceptable as credible?

  • Laura Lewis-Watts

    Are there special strategies for maintaining messaging program over a long-term period (for interventions that may take years)?

  • suraj subramaniyan

    Suraj, India
    thanks . could you please share your experience on the responses from the family. could we get some reading materials on this

  • ValĂ©rie

    Just amazing

  • Thanks for a great webinar

  • suraj subramaniyan

    Suraj, India
    many have taken the social media for m health. can you please highlight the red flags

  • Bushra Al-Makalh


  • suraj subramaniyan

    thank you all

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