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  • EniwareMyra

    Eniware provides affordable, portable, power-free NO2 gas sterilization for medical instruments in low resource healthcare settings including disaster areas, conflict zones and hospitals and clinics in the developing world. We will be working in maternal and neonatal health clinics in Uganda and Tanzania and using mobile phones to record and disseminate data. What barriers have people encountered in similar efforts? What phones/features/plans were most useful for data collection? Why? Are there apps you have used/are using that you found helpful? What aspects or features make these apps particularly “apt” for data collection in low resource settings?

  • Mandy Sugrue

    Thanks for joining and for the question, Eniware! I’ll be sure to pass it along to our speakers!

  • Kimberly Hamilton

    Hello there, Kimberly Hamilton from Integra — I’m not able to view the slides Salima is referencing, only the video feed of her speaking. Any suggestions?

    • Blami Dao

      I do not see the slides also

  • Andrea

    how can we see the slides? all I have is a video feed of the presenter herself

  • Erin

    Where are the slides available?

  • marc

    not seeing the slides

  • Joanne Peter

    Hi all, I’ve let the TechChange team know – hopefully they can remedy.

  • TechChange Admin

    @Kimberly Hamilton:disqus, our apologies, Salima’s slides are not currently available, but we will be sharing them after the presentation. Slides should be working for the remainder of the presenters.

  • Nick

    Hi All, here is more information about the various GSMA Grants. We’ll share the slides after the session.

  • nick
  • Sara

    Kristen – I’m so glad to hear you outline the challenges around partnership. These are certainly some of the challenges faced by my organization (Mercy Corps). An additional challenge on the ground is the fragmentation of the NGO community – 10 NGOs may be approaching one MNO for essentially the same service. Have you seen any successful models for aggregating NGO interest and engagement with MNOs?

  • Joanne Peter

    Do you think MNOs like to design the service(s) themselves, incorporating NGO market insights, rather than get involved in scaling services that NGOs have already designed? Do you think NGOs are beginning the conversation too late if they approach an MNO with an existing service that they’ve been piloting?

  • Trinity Zan

    Do you have a sense of what sorts of #s of users (potential clients) would be convincing to an MNO? 300,000 current users of your mHealth program? Or do you need millions?

  • kerry

    Can you give a quick example (few sentences?) of a paragraph that you would “pitch” to network provider, using the concepts that you described in the presentation?

  • Lawrence Wasserman phd

    What does mama see is the role and application of telemedicine and ehealth. The role of MNO is critical if telemed is to be effective.

  • Blami Dao at Jhpiego

    Is there any guidance document describing a step by step approach for working with MNO?
    I have the impression that there is a difference in the behavior of MNOs in Anglophone and Francophone with the ones in Anglophone seeming to be more receptive

    • Blami Dao

      I mean Anglophone and Francophone Africa

  • Ben Nardone

    What opportunities for collective interaction with the MNOs e.g. to improve their capacity to work with NGOs? What role for the government and consortiums to drive improvement here?

  • Andrea

    Have you experienced radical changes in the regulatory environment that affect programs? e.g. recently in Senegal changes in privacy laws made it impossible to rely on ‘push’ model communications to an entire user base (using the local MNO’s list) and now NGOs need to provide their own user lists/subscriber lists….

  • Trinity Zan

    Just to clarify–it sounds like from both Kirsten and Mark that having dedicated staff time is essential for managing the relationship with the MNO and ensuring program advances smoothly. This, then, requires outside (non-MNO) funding, right? generally donor funding?

  • Ataur Rahman

    When you are talking to MNOs you have to check their interest on CSR. Is a perfect match sometimes challenge itself; or it is marketing….so we need marketing people at NGOs?

  • Kendra

    I would think many MNO partnership pitches would have overlapping value added arguments for programs based on basic SMS or voice calls. Do you see benefit in establishing a standard pricing structure for MoH or NGO social causes to simplify partnerships. It seems this would reduce repeat efforts on both sides. Have you seen any movement in this direction among MNOs?

  • Joanne Peter
  • TechChange Admin
  • Heather Sayette

    Thank you this was very interesting

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