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  • Shadrock(er)

    Huge thanks to TechChange for setting this up! So glad that all the volunteers have a chance to be part of the project from start to finish! Cheers.

  • Chris Kleinhofs

    I loved volunteering on this project. Incredibly well coordinated.

  • Leesa Astredo

    This project was an AWESOME experience, to be part of a ground breaking event, the collaboration between Gov. and grassroots org. #USAIDcrowd #info4 #SBTF #crisismappers

  • Joseph Marks

    Can you work on raising volume? Especially on Shadrock?

  • Did you do any M&E on participants and what they got out of the process, and their input on improving the experience.

  • War and Peace 🙂

  • Katharine Hoffman

    What other applications would be possile for crowdsourcing, other than geomapping? Put otherwise, for what other types of data could crowdsourcing be used (or has been used)?

  • Katharine Hoffman

    Considering all that you had to do to prepare and manage this initiative, did you ever do some sort of analysis of the time/resources spent on crowdsourcing versus what you would have spent either cleaning the data yourselves or contracting it out?

  • Interesting dilemma with problems of giving out admin1 data

  • Do you think USAID has a role to play in helping our partners, projects, and grantees connect with crowdsourcing resources and approaches? Any thoughts on what this would look like?

  • 80 to 90% as good data standard.

  • you spent $0, but how much staff time? This will decline over time, but it would be nice to know how much effort it took.

  • Katharine Hoffman

    As someone tweeted, it would be helpful to somehow get a copy of the PPT.

  • @ Katherine – There is a link just below the slideshow window that is called “Download the PowerPoint Presentation” Hope this helps.

  • Where is the map? They discussed it so quickly that i could not follow.

  • Was the presentation recorded? if so will it be available? (I’m a volunteer, that missed the first half) thanks

  • Muhammad Ameen

    Excited to take lessons learned from #USAIDCrowd

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